Pride Picks: Kick Off Pride Month With These New LGBTQ Songs

Team Dresch
Tammy Rae Carland

Team Dresch

Happy Pride Month! To help you kick off your weekend, Billboard Pride is rounding up a few recently-released queer anthems, bops, jams, and good-ole-fashioned songs from the LGBTQ community that crossed our paths and piqued our interest.

ILoveMakonnen, "Shoot Shoot"

From his upcoming debut release for Warner Records, "Shoot Shoot" features Makonnen going HAM on his trademark falsetto over a skittering trap beat and plinky, echo-laden synths. The "pull up, hop out" refrain seems destined to get lodged in your brain this summer the same way the hook on "Tuesday" did a few years back.


In the short time that VINCINT has been working in the music industry, the rising singer has made it clear he wants to put the focus back on vocals in pop music. He continued that crusade with his brand new single “Say,” a summer jam about loving who you love, complete with infectious synths, killer vocals and a dramatic key change.

Lord F, "Platinum"

Brazilian-born, L.A.-based pop singer Lord F is giving us an anthem for flirtatious queer summer nights with "Platinum." Full of expectant, energetic stabs of synth, "Platinum" speaks to the nervous thrill of an early romance. You can see him sing it with a drag king when he opens for Aaron Carter on June 9 at the Whisky a Go Go.

Gia Woods, "Feel It"

If Britney Spears and Dua Lipa had a lovechild in the form of a song, it would be Gia Woods' sexy, unbelievably catchy "Feel It." The stuttering bassline, Woods' breathless vocals and the art showing the star balancing a snake on her head all mix together to make for one of her most enticing singles yet.

Team Dresch, "Your Hands My Pockets"

The first new song from these rockers in 19 years, "Your Hands My Pocket" proves the band of out-and-proud queers have lost none of their crunchy punk energy since forming in the '90s – and they still know their way around a mean guitar lick and a melodic topline.  

Loamlands, "Some Boy You Don't Need"

Looking for something a little less pop and a little more "yeehaw"? Look no further than Loamlands' new EP Lez Dance, a country-rock record where queer storytelling takes center stage. "Some Boy You Don't Need," one of the standout tracks from the album, exemplifies the singer's expert use of her soulful vocals and hazy guitars to paint a vivid picture of a friend who is always there for you. Maybe it's not the sugary summer pop you're looking for, but it's a song you definitely need to hear.

WASI, "Run"

WASI's album Riot Pop is out today, and opening track "Run" mixes a nervous bassline, warbly synths and sneering attitude for a propulsive synth-pop gem. During the instrumental breakdown, the song sounds like an arcade game having an existential crisis – which is, you know, awesome. Also awesome: During their Love Is Gay Tour, they'll be working with LGBTQ centers around America.

Arthur Moon, "Homonormo"

This groovy, Vocoder-laden offering from Brooklyn pop group Arthur Moon will certainly add new layers to a lazy summer afternoon laying out in the sun. Filled to the brim with woozy vocal effects and ricocheting beats, "Homonormo" will have you feeling good — even if the lyrics are discussing the problem with normalizing queer culture.