King Princess Remixes Tyra Banks' Famous 'Top Model' Meltdown Into a House Track: Listen

King Princess
Clare Gillen

King Princess

There are few moments in the history of reality television as memorable as Tyra Banks’ iconic rant to a model while filming America’s Next Top Model. During the show’s fourth cycle in 2005, Banks yelled at contestant Tiffany Richardson, a model who the host believed was throwing away her opportunity. In that moment, Banks uttered the now-iconic words: “I was rooting for you! We were all rooting for you! How dare you?”

Now, queer pop singer Mikaela Straus, otherwise known as King Princess, is taking that emotionally-charged moment and putting it to song. On Sunday, the singer released a house track titled, “We Were All Rooting For You, Sis (how dare you)” on Soundcloud, where she took the explosive moment and transformed it into a lo-fi club song, complete with whooshing synths, hard-hitting beats and a series of samples from the episode.

But KP didn’t stop there. In a video posted to her social media, Straus showed her friend and fellow performer Henry Metcalf performing to the new song in an interpretive lip sync performance. Fans commented on the post, saying that it was hilarious, while also begging the singer to finally release her debut album.

Straus has been teasing fans with the prospect of a full-length album since last year, even going as far as to play pieces of her new album at a few live performances. The album is due out this year, though Straus has yet to announce a release date. 

Check out King Princess’ hilarious new house track “We Were All Rooting For You, Sis (how dare you)” below: