Lizzo Explains Why She Performed at Coachella Amid Controversy About Anti-LGBTQ Owner

After news broke in July 2016 that AEG owner Philip Anchutz made significant donations to anti-LGBTQ political organizations, many LGBTQ fans, artists and allies said they would not attend Coachella. But rising superstar Lizzo had a reason to attend this year’s festival.

On Tuesday, Lizzo posted a video clip from her Coachella set on Instagram, getting fans excited about her performance at the festival’s second weekend. But one fan in particular took the opportunity to ask the star why she would perform at an event whose owner is anti-LGBTQ. “I’m so confused why so many people are supporting this event that supports anti-lgbt organizations?!” the fan wrote.

Lizzo responded to the comment, writing that most major organizations are owned by “bigoted millionaires that donate to bigoted organizations.” But she added that her role is not to stand by and watch from the sidelines, but to do something about what she perceives as wrong. “I realize my activism is to disrupt those spaces and spread my message to thousands of ppl.”

She added that if the goal is to make sure that LGBTQ individuals receive a message of love and support, then a platform like Coachella, whether it’s owned by a homophobic person or not, should be utilized. “I’m doing what I gotta do to make sure my big black ass voice is heard,” she wrote. “Can’t wait to dismantle the hate that funds this country ... but until then, imma be putting big, black, femme, lgbtq+ bodies on stages and telling our stories.”

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