Watch Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon & Cynthia Erivo Perform Beautiful 'Time After Time' Duet on 'American Idol'

ABC/Eric McCandless
Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon and Cynthia Erivo on American Idol. 

In his short time on the latest season of American Idol, contestant Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon has quickly established himself as a front-runner in the competition thanks to his stunning vocals. In his latest performance, the star only further proved that fact.

On Monday night’s episode, Harmon and the rest of the contestants were tasked with performing duets with music stars to impress the judges. Lucky for the contestant, Harmon was paired with actress and Broadway star Cynthia Erivo.

The pair chose to sing Cyndi Lauper’s classic hit “Time After Time,” and Harmon managed to impress his partner even before they took to the stage. In a clip showing their rehearsals, Erivo says that she immediately recognized the singer’s talent. “You can give him the highest note, and it doesn’t feel like he has to try at all to reach it,” she said. “And you’re just like, ‘This is unbelievable.’”

The performance certainly lived up to the hype -- Erivo’s pitch-perfect vocals were complemented perfectly by Harmon’s soft and effortless tone. The audience clearly thought so, since the stars were regularly met with cheers and applause throughout the performance.

The Idol judges were similarly stunned. Katy Perry remarked that the performance felt like “a spiritual moment for me,” while Lionel Richie claimed that “we just witnessed a masterful performance.”

Check out Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon and Cynthia Erivo’s duet to “Time After Time” on American Idol below: