Brooke Candy Pretends Everything Is All Right in NSFW 'Happy' Video: Watch

Brooke Candy, "Happy"
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Brooke Candy, "Happy"

Sometimes, it can be painful to put on a smile when you’re having a hard day. But for pop-rap artist Brooke Candy, it looks to be an entirely different kind of pain.

Candy released her new video for “Happy,” a hard-hitting, genre-bending banger about struggling through a smile, on Friday (March 29). Throughout the video, Candy is seen attempting to take the slings and arrows of life, all while pretending that she’s doing just fine. “Smile so white that my eyes roll back/ My heart bleeds out and my bones all crack,” she wails.

The video, directed by British photographer Rankin, plays heavily with the ideas of enduring pain as pleasure. Throughout multiple scenes in the video, Candy is seen participating in shibari bondage, an aesthetically appealing form of BDSM that sees the star being tied up, whipped and climbing ropes.

Candy explained that the song is about smiling through pain, even when it seems impossible. “‘Happy’ is about attempting to convince yourself you’re okay when you know that you’re not,” she said in a statement. “It’s about gritting your teeth and pushing through life with a smile on your face, even though all you want to do is curl up in fetal position, cry, and quit."

Rankin added that he was happy to direct Candy’s new video, saying he was inspired by her out-of-the-box ideas. “Brooke is a truly unique voice. Somebody that is not afraid to experiment, not afraid to take risks and keeps pushing herself,” he said. “In this world, where mediocre seems to be the enemy of creativity, she is a superhero fighting the good fight every day. We need more like her.”

“Happy” comes ahead of Candy’s debut album Sexorcism, due out later this year. Check out the new video for Brook Candy’s “Happy” below: