Shura Returns With Smooth Love Song 'BKLYNLDN': Watch

Hollie Fernando


Shura is back with a new smooth, synth-pop love song “BKLYNLDN,” released Monday (March 11) via Secretly Canadian.

The Manchester, UK, native’s slow-tempo track is the first taste of her second album following her 2016 debut Nothing's Real. In the new tune, Shura sings about a long-distance love, exploring the romantic longing through the modern-day lens of “apps, texts and anxiety-inducing silences.”

“So you're coming over, Brooklyn to London/ Though I didn't expect it, now we're lying in my bed/ Coming over, Brooklyn to London,” Shura sings on the chorus over groovy violin- and piano-driven melodies.

In a press release, Shura described the new song as an encapsulation of her summer, as she was the one to move from Brooklyn to London to be with her girlfriend. “With ‘BKLYNLDN’ I wanted to explore having both a sonic and lyrical evolution,” she stated. “It’s about desire -- playing with the idea of it being all consuming and at times overwhelming.”

She then explained the deeper meaning behind the lyrics. “It begins with the immediacy of physical desire -- 'this isn't love' and yet as the song unfolds that sentiment begins to unravel; I am clearly in love and instead of my girlfriend coming to London, I end up moving to Brooklyn,” Shrua added. “I wanted to capture that reversal musically and the final section of the track encapsulates my summer, that feeling of skipping through Brooklyn, holding hands with my girlfriend and singing out loud, without caring about how ridiculous you might look to the rest of the world."

Along with the audio, the 27-year-old artist released accompanying visuals directed by Woman’s Hour frontwoman Fiona Jane Burgess. The blue-hued clip is a recreation of Rodin’s classic artwork, “The Kiss,” with female subjects to “challenges the viewer to see the true essence of romantic love between two people, no matter their gender.”

Listen to Shura’s “BKLYNLDN” in her music video below.