Queer Necessities: Billboard Pride's March 2019 Playlist

Simon Curtis
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Simon Curtis

It's March, which means two things: Spring is just around the corner, and it’s time for the latest edition of Queer Necessities, our monthly LGBTQ-driven playlist from Billboard Pride where we catch you up on the latest and greatest bops by queer musicians and fierce allies.

Each month's selections will be curated by NYC-based DJ and tastemaker Jon ALi, who is the founder of pop music entertainment destination Jon ALi's Blog. Don't forget to follow Queer Necessities on Spotify to keep up-to-date on the best musical offerings from the LGBTQ community.

Slayyyter, “Mine”

Rising pop newcomer Slayyyter continues to impress with her latest “Mine,” a glittery, house-infused track that is instantly memorable from the moment she purrs, “Oh me, oh my.”

Kim Petras, “1, 2, 3 Dayz Up (feat. Sophie)”

The much-teased “1, 2, 3 Dayz Up” with experimental wild child Sophie is arguably Kim‘s most immediate, feel-good bop to date. It’s the kind of vibrant, thumping dance floor offering we’ve come to expect from her, but taken to a new level.

Boy Radio, “Trust”

The Brooklyn up-and-comer finally gives his undeniably cool and bouncy, dance-bop “Trust” a proper release, and we are here for it.

Alextbh, “No Space”

“No Space” is a continuation of the cool and confident electronic greatness we’ve come to expect from this Malaysian trailblazer, only this time it’s completely soaked in sexual freedom, and Alextbh is making no apologies about it.

Carlos Vara, “Confident”

Nashville-based talent Carlos Vara cheekily chronicles his social anxiety on this immediate follow-up to his debut, “Confident.” The singer fuses his slick, left-of-center grooviness and powerhouse vocals in the process, making an earworm that you won’t forget any time soon.

Greyson Chance, “Shut Up”

“Shut Up,” the lead single off Greyson’s long-awaited forthcoming debut album, titled Portraits, finds him channeling the feeling of falling for someone into song form with an instant rush of a chorus.

Kisos, “Happily Ever After”

Pop talent Kisos is ready to break your heart and heal your soul as he accepts denial on his sad disco anthem "Happily Ever After," produced by himself alongside Kyle Patrick. A little cry in the club never hurt nobody!

Superfruit, “The Promise”

Pop duo Superfruit (Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying) make their glorious return with a modern and dreamy '80’s-pop cover of "The Promise," originally by When In Rome.

Carly Rae Jepsen, “No Drug Like Me”

Carly switches it up a bit and channels her sensual side over an electrifying pulse. Like favored deep cuts “LA Hallucinations” and “Warm Blood,” the new track is darker and more intoxicating than your standard CRJ affair.

Jesse Saint John, “Wiser”

Pop master-crafter Jesse Saint John (who has written for Britney Spears, Camila Cabello and Charli XCX) released his latest debut EP teaser “Wiser,” which finds him battling his inner demons across a genre-bending, bass-heavy production that comes packed with a killer hook that’ll have you going back for repeated listens.

Simon Curtis, “Love”

Self-proclaimed "Boy Robot" Simon Curtis returns with a newfound confidence, kicking off his year with “Love,” a sensuous sonic escape fit for some luxuriating…or baby making…or self-love making. The choice is yours.

Adam Lambert, “Feel Something”

Pop superstar and current Queen frontman Adam Lambert ditches the infectious dance beats of his previous singles in favor of some delicate, piano melodies and a down-tempo pop pulse. The result is surely one of his most intimate and personal recordings yet.

Sakima, “DJ Romance”

With each release, Sakima's only continuing to impress and show immense growth. His latest, “DJ Romance,” is certainly no exception, and is equal parts subdued and intoxicating.

Foxgluvv, “Expensive”

Pop starlet Foxgluvv dreams of a glam, high-class lifestyle that she can’t afford on this quirky, alt-pop ditty that’ll have you dreaming of the exact same luxury.

Kehlani, “Morning Glory”

Kehlani keeps it 100 on this stuttering, ‘90’s-feeling song off her stellar new mixtape, While We Wait. If you can’t accept her at her worst, don’t accept her at all.

Leo Kalyan, “Trevi Fountain”

British export Leo Kalyan finds peace in his chosen family on his latest “Trevi Fountain” -- a hypnotic and dreamy slice of electro-R&B heaven.

Monét X Change, “Gently”

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars winner Monét X Change proves that drag superstars are capable are serving up much more than just your typical club affair with this moody, lovestruck R&B bedroom banger off her debut EP, Unapologetically.

Saro, “Die Alone”

Queer electronic artist Saro takes a gloomy turn on his beautifully haunting and contemplative single “Die Alone,” which is all about “the hopelessness you feel in a failing relationship. The song gives me a morbid sense of relief by accepting the sad truth that I may never find a lasting love.”

Kera, “Bright Future Ahead (feat. Devendra Banhart)”

Kera offers up some much needed encouragement on “Bright Future Ahead,” which certainly lives up to its title -- 100% of the proceeds for the song are being donated to Trans Lifeline, a grassroots organization dedicated to “offering direct emotional and financial support to trans people in crisis.”

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