Gia Woods Disses Her Ex, Flirts with Models in Sleek 'New Girlfriend' Video: Watch

Gia Woods, "New Girlfriend"
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Gia Woods, "New Girlfriend"

Pop upcomer Gia Woods is used to breaking conventions through her music; the star’s song and music video for “Only a Girl” served as both her debut single and official coming out moment. Now, Woods is ready to give the world the queer breakup they deserve with “New Girlfriend.”

Woods released the video for her brand new track on Friday morning (March 1). The clip shows the star slinking around a model-filled photo shoot, flirting with the various beautiful women she encounters as she sings to her hypothetical ex. “She said we’re friends, look at us now/ I like your new girlfriend more than you,” she sings.

Clad in a clear-plastic jacket and pants, Woods makes it clear how she feels about her backup dancers, as she bumps and grinds on them before ultimately turning a photo-shoot into an all-out dance party.

In an interview with Nylon, Woods said the video was inspired by her love for '90s-era Calvin Klein fashion and her own experiences as someone dating during their 20s. “It represents the people that walk in and out of your life in your early 20s: looking for love, making mistakes, and discovering what suits your taste," she said.

Check out Gia Woods’ new video for “New Girlfriend” below: