BHuman Plays With Giant Puppets in Experimental 'Goodbye' Video: Watch

BHuman, "Goodbye"
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BHuman, "Goodbye"

Queer pop duo BHuman have just dropped a whimsical, avant-garde video for their electronic breakup track “Goodbye.” The film features puppet acts with the dance group Visceral Abstractions, alongside gorgeous wigs and plenty of lewks.

The clip opens with Harrison Scott looking dapper in a suit as a giant puppet hand caresses him. Then, Billie Lloyd appears right next to him in a bright fuschia dress and auburn wig, and joins Scott for the song’s chorus.

“I’m so sick of trying/ Goodbye,” Lloyd says in a robotic voice while she’s trapped inside a giant hand costume that waves at the camera.

“I found a video of them dancing in a giant hand puppet and thought it worked perfectly as a physical embodiment of waving goodbye,” Scott explained. “We also wanted to play with the idea of the ‘perfect girl’ in the lyrics with the sex doll outfits and the giant eyes.”

The new track marks Lloyd’s first song written since her transition. While composing the song, she felt that she was reclaiming her independence from a relationship with someone who never accepted her as she was.

“I want anyone who hears this song who is with someone who is demanding change to fit the idealistic mold of a partner in their mind to say goodbye and move on with your life!” Lloyd said.

Watch the video for “Goodbye” below: