Saturn Rising Offers Fans a Trip Through Their Mind in Confounding New 'Platinum' Video: Watch

Clifford King


Electropop singer Saturn Rising wants to invite you into their world. While past videos like “Orange” have shown the singer in full party mode, their newest video for “Platinum” (premiering below) is a gentle stroll through the recesses of their own mind.

From the start of the video, the gentle tones of the music pair with Saturn’s ethereal visuals, showing grainy-yet-glossy VHS clips of the star performing in various different scenarios. “Do you wanna play/ I’ve been waiting on you to make your move,” they sing over the synth-laiden harmonies.

Saturn tells Billboard that the song was inspired by a night where the singer kissed a man they were attracted to despite their own insecurities about intimacy and validation. “I like intense guys and I’m intense so that had always been a labored process,” they says. “But that night we both went for each other and had a great time. The song is a celebration of the challenge and cleanse of that moment.”

As far as the video goes, Saturn says that the clip is an exploration of their own mind and an invitation to their fans. “The video is the clearest picture of my mind I could find,” they say. “The video is a world I’m singing to you from and I’m inviting you into. The world and myself can take many shapes and forms, but over all you’re here and I’m down.”

Check out Saturn Rising’s trippy new video for “Platinum” below: