Laganja Estranja, Kim Petras & More Cameo in Jesse Saint John's Frenetic 'Wiser' Music Video: Watch

jesse saint john, "WISER"
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jesse saint john, "WISER"

Along with crafting hit songs for stars like Britney Spears, Camila Cabello and Charli XCX, singer/songwriter Jesse Saint John has been building his own career as a pop artist. Now, in his new music video for “Wiser,” the singer is examining what it feels like to live both lives.

Throughout St. John’s new video, some of his past collaborators and contemporaries can be seen, including singers like Kim Petras and Bronze Avery, drag star Laganja Estranja, fellow songwriter Leland and many more. The video, which was directed by Kentö, cuts between each of the artists and St. John, mouthing the words “What if I’m not getting any wiser/ I’m only getting older.”

Meanwhile, the video pivots back and forth between different versions of St. John -- one looking straight ahead with no makeup on, one covered in smeared face paint, and one getting his makeup done by a full team of artists.

In a statement to Billboard, St. John said the video is all about dealing with the anxiety of putting your work out into the world. “The video centers around the expectations that come along with releasing music or sharing your art,” he said. “The juxtaposition between being an artist & selling yourself as a popstar. Putting on a front when it hurts & racing the clock to figure out when it becomes clearer.”

Check out the full video for Jesse St. John’s “Wiser” below: