Pabllo Vittar Serves Up 'Barbarella' Realness in New Space-Themed 'Buzina' Video: Watch

Pabllo Vittar "Buzina"
Courtesy Photo

Pabllo Vittar "Buzina"

Over the course of her already-stunning music career, Brazilian drag superstar Pabllo Vittar has produced some of the wildest and most glamorous music videos of recent memory. But her latest will leave your jaw on the floor.

On Tuesday (Feb. 26), Vittar debuted her new music video for “Buzina,” featuring extraterrestrial creatures, spaceships and a lot of stunning looks. The video follows Vittar as a Barbarella-esque space heroine as she lands on a distant planet. When she is beset on all sides by some grotesque-looking aliens, she fights them off, and even manages to pull out some sick choreography.

As the strange video comes to a close, Vittar finishes fighting off her alien oppressors before being completely vaporized by a spaceship piloted by another version of herself. As her form disintegrates, the camera zooms out to show that the entire endeavor was simply a virtual reality program, with Vittar operating her own headset.

“Buzina” is the latest video from Vittar’s breakout album Não Para Não, which helped bring her even further into the mainstream music scene after her head-turning appearance on Major Lazer’s “Sua Cara.”

Check out Pabllo Vittar’s new video for “Buzina” below: