Halsey Gushes Over Lady Gaga at the Oscars: 'I Stan Her to My Grave'

This year's Oscars brought us plenty of moments, one of the highlights being an emotional acceptance speech from Lady Gaga after winning best original song for her track “Shallow” from A Star Is Born. Like many of us, after seeing Gaga at the ceremony, Halsey took to Twitter to gush over the singer.

“In all seriousness, Gaga is the greatest inspiration in my life,” Halsey wrote. “Her and Bradley choosing me for that tiny little scene was an indescribable honor. She makes me want to be better every single day. Her courage and talent and vision are one of a kind. I stan her to my grave.”

Halsey made a small cameo in A Star Is Born as the artist who presented Ally, Lady Gaga’s character, with a Grammy Award. (Luckily, Gaga’s acceptance speech was nothing like the one Ally had to experience.)