Every Kim Petras 'Era 1' Single Ranked: Critic's Picks

Kim Petras
Thom Kerr

Kim Petras

Since her debut in 2017, Kim Petras has released an arsenal of stellar singles, a Halloween-themed mixtape Turn Off the Light Vol. 1, and a handful of collabs that have all propelled her into the pop star spotlight. Starting with her first single “I Don’t Want It at All,” the singer has dropped a total of 11 stand-alone singles, each with a different neon-colored self portrait.

The artist took to Twitter to say that her recent trio of singles, “If U Think About Me,” “Homework” and “1, 2, 3 Dayz Up,” were the last tracks from what she referred to as “Era 1." “ERA 1 is complete, thank u for everything Whoo Ah,” the singer tweeted.

With her first era complete, Petras has established herself as one of the most exciting new faces in pop music. In commemoration of this era of pop perfection, take a look at how we ranked all 11 of Petras’ singles since 2017.

11. "Hills"

"Puffin', puffin', passin'/ We made love, we made it happen/ We got passion/ We did things you probably hadn't even thought of yet," Petras flexes on this drowsy stoner jam. Unfortunately, the mood sobers when hip-hop artist Baby E enters the scene; the pair lack chemistry and each artists’ verse sounds like they could be from totally different songs.

10. "Faded," feat. Lil Aaron

This track -- Petras’ first with frequent collaborator Lil Aaron -- does a much better job molding the worlds of rap and pop than “Hills.” Our only beef? “Faded” leaves us wanting more. The duo clearly have great chemistry, but this song lacks the excitement of some of Kim’s more sugar-sweet confections.

9. "Homework"

“Homework”proves Petras and Lil Aaron have chemistry, and it’s exactly the push that “Faded” was lacking. Lil Aaron’s monotone expression in the previous entry is cured, and having him join Petras in singing the very endearing chorus was an excellent addition. Petras’ vulnerable verse is equally as strong as Lil Aaron’s, and her tiny voice crack in the bridge when she sings “I was feeling so cool,” is also a welcomed hiccup during the song’s climax.

8. "If U Think About Me"

Petras’ latest campy power ballad is brimming with her signature “woo-ah’s.” The ’80s-tinged track benefits from a dynamic arrangement, showing off Petras’ stellar vocal chops. The track’s bridge is a bit empty, but overall “If U Think About Me,” is a pretty strong entry for the singer.

7. "Slow It Down"

Petras’ first decelerated track was listeners’ introduction to the pop star’s impressive vocal range. “Slow It Down” retains many elements of Petras’ sweet pop sound, but feeds to the listener in small doses to help keep them engaged. These nuggets can be heard after the track's smooth synth opening, when bass is added in the chorus, and as an alto-toned Petras asks her lover to “Take your time.” The song’s final minute features a small saxophone solo that rings in a climax of high notes from Petras that she hits with an airy, yet mighty voice.

6. "Can’t Do Better"

Kim Petras departed from her upbeat, bubblegum pop sound with this unrestrained anthem about unrequited love. This track proved that the singer is unafraid of slowing things down and letting her vocals do the work. The three-word chorus with drums banging in the background gives Petras a Pat Benetar moment that will make you want to shout alongside the singer.

5. "1, 2, 3 Dayz Up," feat. Sophie

This hotly anticipated collaboration with Sophie was worth the wait. Our rising pop princess is ready to pop bottles on this summer-ready jam, admitting she wants to “party with Jesus.” The track has all the makings of a pop hit straight out of 2010, but its bubbly, tropical touches update the sound for the modern era.

4. "All the Time"

“All the Time” is classic Kim. While the lyrics aren’t particularly memorable, they’re not the star here: The meat of this song is its vivacious arrangement. “All the Time” sounds just like the lazy days hanging poolside it was made for.

3. "Hillside Boys"

“Hillside Boys” helped solidify Petras’ signature sound: glossy, euphoric and heavy on the sugar. The track’s catchy synths call back to Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” retaining the dreamy magic that made ’80s pop so unforgettable. While Petras tells the story of a summer fling gone sour, the song’s upbeat nature and easy-to-sing-along-to chorus give you all of the high, with none of the buzzkill of a breakup.

2. "I Don’t Want It at All"

Petras’ 2017 debut single still packs a pure shot of endorphin almost two years later. From the effortlessly cool, synth-heavy intro to the song’s bratty lyricism, Petras separated herself from her pop peers by dreaming up an expensive fantasy in this escapist jam.

1. "Heart to Break"

If you’re looking for a track that is quintessential Kim Petras, look no further than the singer’s ultimate love song. Where “I Don’t Want It at All” got people to perk up, “Heart to Break” commands that people pay attention, solidifying Petras’ “one-to-watch” status.

The first verse sets the stage with its thumping percusion and spacy echoes before Petras kicks it into overdrive, belting the chorus at the top of her register. “Even if I'll end up in shatters/ Baby, it doesn't matter/ Gonna give you my heart to break,” Petras blasts at full throttle.

“Heart to Break” is a master class, and if this is the quality of pop music she’s able to serve up so early in her career, we’re going to be paying attention to Petras for years to come.