Pet Shop Boys Return to Ridicule Trump & Twitter in Two New Songs: Listen

Pet Shop Boys
Samir Hussein/Samir Hussein/WireImage

Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe of The Pet Shop Boys perform live on stage at The Royal Opera House on July 25, 2018 in London. 

Throughout their nearly 40-year career, British synth-pop duo Pet Shop Boys have made a career out of bringing the issues of the day to light. Whether it was through funny, sarcastic lyrics or heart-wrenchingly realistic music, the “Always on My Mind” singers have taken aim at important topics like the AIDS crisis and the presidency of George W. Bush.

The duo continue their trend of speaking truth to power with two brand-new singles: “Give Stupidity a Chance” and “On Social Media.” The new tracks take aim at the current political landscape of the world and the public’s lack of empathetic discourse online.

On “Give Stupidity a Chance,” bandmates Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe take our political leaders to task, lampooning the rhetoric of modern-day politicians. The lyrics say that modern political leaders have traded in reason for emotional appeal. “Intelligent people have had their say/ It’s time for the foolish to show the way/ Let’s lead this world a merry dance/ Let’s give stupidity a chance,” they sing.

One of the song’s lyrics calls out U.S. President Donald Trump in particular, making reference to the infamous tape of Donald Trump talking about sexually assaulting women in 2005. “Forget political correctness, let’s talk man to man/ Chicks are always up for it, you gotta grab whatever you can,” the duo cheekily sings. They also take their shot at Brexit supporter Michael Gove’s comments about Britain having “enough of experts,” where they add, “Why face the facts when you can just feel the feeling?”

Tennant and Lowe shift their focus toward Twitter with “On Social Media.” The duo, singing sarcastically about the rise of social media as our main form of public discourse, suggest that perhaps our constant means of connectivity is making us less empathetic. “The world is changing everywhere/ With a speed that couldn’t be speedier/ But you feel so ahead of the curve/ When you're on social media,” they sing.

These two new singles come from the Pet Shop Boys’ upcoming EP Agenda. The duo plans to release the remaining two tracks of their four-song project on Thursday and Friday respectively, with their EP coming out Friday as well.

Check out the Pet Shop Boys’ “Give Stupidity a Chance” and “On Social Media” below: