MNEK Unveils Bold Video For 'Girlfriend': Watch

MNEK Girlfriend
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MNEK, "Girlfriend"

MNEK has released the video for his R&B-pop hybrid track, “Girlfriend," today (Feb. 6). The visual is centered around a closeted man who is in a relationship with another woman, but still continues to hook up with men.

The video opens with MNEK’s hookup getting a phone call from his angry girlfriend, who yells at him about missing their five year anniversary. The boyfriend promises his girlfriend he’ll see her soon, and goes back to bed with MNEK...who is having none of it.

The singer proceeds to call him out on his deception and denial of his attraction to men. In a series of quirky lyrics, MNEK continuously asks his hookup what he would if his girlfriend found out about them.

“Neither you or your story's straight,” MNEK sings, “It's such a shame, for a second put yourself in my place.”

“Girlfriend” was a part of MNEK's debut album Language, released last year. MNEK told Billboard that the track was wasn't biographical, but it does touch on issues that are prevalent in the LGBTQ community. "I don’t think I’ve been in that before, per se, where there’s a straight guy trying to be my boyfriend," he said. "But the messages I wanted to put in the album, I wanted to put things that just made people think and that mirrored their own experiences."

Watch the video for “Girlfriend” below.