10 Queens We'd Like to See on 'RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 5'

Asia O'Hara Ongina Kim Chi
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Asia O'Hara, Kim Chi and Ongina.

After four seasons of All Stars, and an established format that packs in plenty of drama, it’s pretty safe to say a fifth installment in the series is more than likely. With such a close race on All Stars 4 that was made even tighter with the elimination of the season's front-runner Manila Luzon, this season has proved how unpredictable All Stars can be. Considering how intense this season has been, we can only wonder how a fifth season of All Stars will go down.

While we can't predict what the show's next All Stars season will be like, we can at least speculate who might compete on All Stars 5. There have been more than 100 queens who have stepped into the Werk Room, and with such limited space, only the standout queens are selected to participate on All Stars. While we can hope for the return of many long-forgotten Drag Race superstars, here are a few legendary queens we’d really love to see compete in All Stars 5.

Max (Season 7)


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Max has been gone from our television screens for far too long. On her season, Max displayed an extraordinary level of talent and a keen eye for fashion that made her a strong contender for the crown. This queen was praised heavily for her acting capabilities in the infamous “Shakesqueer” challenge, but sadly slipped up during the Snatch Game with her very awkward and unironically dead Sharon Needles impersonation.

With two wins under her belt, this fan-favorite queen sadly met her fate during her lip sync against Jaidynn Diore Fierce. With such a good streak and so much potential, Max is definitely deserving of another chance at Drag Race.

Pearl (Season 7)


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Pearl’s otherworldly beauty was something that even Kennedy Davenport couldn’t help but comment on. Although Pearl struggled early on during her season, she eventually shook off her inner-saboteur  and was able to make it all the way to the top three.

With a relatively solid run, Pearl would make for a strong contestant on a future All Stars season. However, after an appearance on Hey Qween, where Pearl insinuated that RuPaul was cold behind the scenes, chances of this queen reappearing on Drag Race are pretty slim.

Kim Chi (Season 8)

Kim Chi’s flawless makeup skills and impeccable ability to turn out lewks that belong in a museum make her a strong candidate for All Stars 5. Every time this queen stepped out onto the runway during her season, she was a literal walking art installation who never failed to wow the judges. Although she was a little timid during her season, her looks more than made up for any slipup she may have had during the main challenges.

While Kim Chi did struggle with dancing and acting challenges, hopefully several years of touring and performing has helped this queen’s stage presence, and her two left feet. That being said, more than enough time has passed for this queen to re-enter the Werk Room, and completely slay the runway, and the competition.

Sonique (Season 2)


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Sonique was an early out on season 2, but the last thing anyone should be doing is sleeping on this powerhouse of a queen. Sonique returned to the Werk Room during the show’s Holi-Slay special, where she successfully re-established herself as a fierce queen to keep an eye out for. Her high-energy stellar performance, as well as her sleek and chic gingerbread runway look, proved that this queen is more than ready for a Ru-turn.

Asia O’Hara (Season 10)



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Asia O’Hara had a pretty decent run on season 10, making it all the way to the top four. However, this strong competitor met with an unfortunate lip-sync reveal involving butterflies that didn’t feel like participating in the performance.

While this infamous moment will forever remain etched in the minds of fans, it also serves as the perfect opportunity for Asia to pull a Valentina and redeem herself with a powerful lip sync for your legacy should she return for All Stars 5. The queen has shown she has the chops to make it to the top, and seeing her win a challenge, and hopefully a lip sync, would be more than satisfying to watch.

Nina Bo'Nina Brown (Season 9)

Miss Nina Bo'Nina Brown was, and still remains, an unforgettable and talented queen who was renowned for her impeccable makeup abiltiies. Her aesthetically unique paper peach head lewk on the show's first episode, not only helped her score an early challenge win, but she also created an iconic lewk that will go down in Drag Race herstory.

Despite the win and praise from the judges,  Nina was in her head a lot during season 9. As the competition got tighter, her paranoia only got worse, and she couldn't seem to shake the feeling that she was being setup to fail.

After meeting her end against Shea Coulee during a lip sync for your life, this queen remained a fan favorite for her humor, relatability, and undeniable talent. With all of these qualities, and an arsenal of incredible makeup skills under her belt, Nina Bo'Nina Brown is definitely ready for her Ru-demption arc on All Stars 5.

Yara Sofia (Season 3 & All Stars 1)

If All Stars 4 could bring back Manila Luzon and Latrice Royale, who both competed in All Stars 1, then why not bring back another previous competitor? While there are a handful of queens from that season that are deserving of a second chance, Yara Sofia is one in the bunch that should make another appearance on Drag Race.

This queen has shown an excellent level of versatility in her lewks and makeup, and knows when to camp it up as seen on her hilarious weather report on season 3. After making it all the way to the top four of her season, Yara Sofia is definitely more than capable of holding her own in any star-studded cast.

Shea Couleé (Season 9)

Shea Couleé was the strongest competitor on her season who had a track record that was unmatched by any of her season 9 sisters. Sadly, her report card didn't have much influence during the show's first ever "Lip Sync for the Crown,” where she was overshadowed by Sasha Velour’s iconic performance of “Emotional” by Whitney Houston.

After her upsetting elimination, and having the crown just barely slip away from her, Shea would be the queen to look out for on All Stars 5. This queen has previously shown she has everything it takes to win, making her a definite top contender for the crown.

Ongina (Season 1)


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Ongina’s appearance on an All Stars season of Drag Race is long overdue. This iconic queen from season 1 was the first queen to ever publicly address her HIV status on the show, and won the hearts of longtime fans for her vulnerability and sickening lewks.

Since season 1, Ongina’s aesthetic and following has only improved over the years. As one of the original Drag Race queens, it would be great to see her not only compete in All Stars 5, but also get reintroduced to newer fans of the show.

Jackie Beat


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It’s been pretty much established after many seasons of Drag Race that the show loves a good twist. Whether it’s a shocking elimination or an unexpected competitor, having a legendary queen who has established herself compete on a season of All Stars wouldn't be too unrealistic. Someone like superstar New York City queen Jackie Beat fits the bill and would make an excellent addition to an All Stars season.

Some would argue that since Jackie hasn’t previously competed on the show, she shouldn't be allowed to compete on All Stars. But seeing how she is an established queen who has displayed a level of professionalism that very few queens outside of Drag Race have accomplished, she is definitely deserving of a pass into the show.

All Stars loves to break all the rules, and being able to see an established actor, singer, cabaret performer and all-around talented queen like Jackie Beat compete wouldn't be too far off from the show's premise.