Saro Is His Own Voyeur in Surreal 'Please' Music Video: Watch

Joshua Nixon


Queer LA-based electronic artist Saro unleashes his innermost thoughts and emotions in the vulnerable track “Please." Saro’s signature dark sound that was present in his previous EPs, In Loving Memory and Boy Afraid, persists in this new single and its music video.

The video opens with an eye peering through a small hole, as Saro wanders through a shadowy maze. As he walks inside the labyrinth, he sees an ear in the hole and begins to whisper the song’s pre-chorus into it.

“But it’s all for you, can I be enough?” he questions before breaking out into the song's chorus.

The surreal music video was inspired by "the lack of privacy in our digital lives and how we so easily get lost in a labyrinth of the persona we create," says the video's director, Alex Cook. "In the visual, we follow Saro through a strange, shifting maze full of obscured figures and gazes that follow his every move, though in the end it’s all a creation of his own projection."

Saro adds that it's about "getting so lost in the persona you’ve created that you become an observer of yourself. How it feels like every movement is being surveilled at all times. Voyeurs casting judgment through peepholes with their identities veiled."

Since its release, “Please” has made Spotify’s New Music Friday, racking up over 500,000 streams. Saro plans to continue releasing singles until his third EP drops in March.

Watch the video for “Please” below: