Kehlani Builds & Becomes an Android in New Video for 'Nights Like This': Watch

Kehlani Nights Like This
Courtesy Photo

Kehlani featuring Ty Dolla $ign, "Nights Like This"

When Kehlani takes on the challenge of creating a new music video, fans always know that she delivers the best product possible. From her nostalgic, home-video aesthetic in “Honey” to her simple and sexy choreography on “The Way,” Kehlani has become a master music video artist.

But it appears that her magnum opus just came out with the release of her brand-new video for “Nights Like This.” Putting the R&B star in a futuristic setting, reminiscent of the 2014 thriller Ex Machina, “Nights Like This” opens with an unidentified female android collapsing outside of a house, only to have Kehlani, giving her best scientist look, bring her inside and fix her up.

The rest of the video gets a bit more complicated, as Kehlani builds a relationship with her new android friend. The two share a special power to touch each other's chests and see their thoughts. But when Kehlani falls asleep, the android puts her in a wheelchair, seemingly uploads her own consciousness into Kehlani’s mind, and then deactivates. Turns out, Kehlani’s a robot too.

The video closes with Ty Dolla $ign showing up to rap his verse, with a newly activated Kehlani appearing and downloading his information, or killing him, or doing something that forces him to pass out. As she watches a fire burning her former android friend, Kehlani gets in her car and drives away.

While the star has remained relatively quiet about her follow-up to 2017's SweetSexySavage, a new tweet she sent out with the release of her video suggests that the highly anticipated mixtape is coming in 2019. “I love 2019,” she wrote in one tweet, later adding “we’re gunna give u the bops … then the deep cuts. k see u soon, enjoy.”

Check out Kehlani’s full video for “Nights Like This,” featuring Ty Dolla $ign, below:


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