Flavia Celebrates All Forms of Love In Colorful 'I Don't Wanna Be Here' Video: Watch

Basil Mironer


Electronic singer and songwriter Flavia dropped a colorful music video for her track “I Don’t Wanna Be Here” on Tuesday (Jan. 8), and she told Billboard that it's a celebration of love regardless of gender, race or sexuality.

"I wrote this song about the beginning of a relationship, a time when it feels so magical that you want to spend every waking moment together," said the LA-based singer. "That feeling of not being able to imagine your life without a person is so good it almost hurts."

On a more personal level, Flavia had her ex-girlfriend as well as her current, long term boyfriend in mind while writing the song.

“As a bisexual woman I feel that I need an equal balance of masculine and feminine love in my life, this song is a reminder that love has no boundaries,” Flavia said.

Watch the video for “I Don’t Wanna Be Here” below.