Queer Necessities: Billboard Pride's January 2019 Playlist

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It’s a new year, so what better time to refresh your playlists? We're proud to present the first 2019 edition of Queer Necessities, our monthly LGBTQ-driven playlist from Billboard Pride where we catch you up on the latest and greatest bops by queer musicians and fierce allies.

Each month's selections will be curated by NYC-based DJ and tastemaker Jon ALi, who is the founder of pop music entertainment destination Jon ALi’s Blog. Don't forget to follow Queer Necessities on Spotify to keep up-to-date on the best musical offerings from the LGBTQ community.

Allie X, “Girl of the Year”

Allie X has proven to be one of the most consistent pop girls in recent memory. “Girl of the Year,” from her Super Sunset EP, sees her celebrating her delusions in the most joyous ways.

Sakima, “Virtus Domum”

Sakima’s latest tackles the heavy topic of older men who use alcohol and drugs to prey on naive younger men’s insecurities, all in the name of “love.”

Nina Nesbitt, “Colder”

The latest single off her upcoming debut, The Sun Will Come Up, The Seasons Will Change, “Colder” is a shimmering pop confessional about the aftermath of heartbreak.

Cappa, “Sux”

Electro-pop darling Cappa returns with an empowering breakup anthem that comes packed with punch.

Dorian Electra, “Man To Man”

The foundation of Dorian Electra’s latest is pure pop sweetness, but layered in between the irresistible beats is a thorough take down on toxic masculinity.

Slayyter, “Alone”

Electro-pop newcomer Slayyyter serves shades of millennial pop (or “Y2K Pop,” if you will), bringing everything from Britney to NSYNC to mind.

Starrah, “Codeine Cowgirl”

Starrah has established herself as one of the most sought-after songwriters in the game, working alongside the likes of Rihanna, Drake, Maroon 5 and more. But she's also an artist in her own right, and the spacey “Codeine Cowgirl” gives us a proper taste of what she has to offer in this new year.

Carlie Hanson, “Numb”

With a more brooding and menacing sound than its predecessors, Carlie is full on savage and making no apologies on “Numb.”

Aly & AJ, “With You”

Comeback queens Aly & AJ cap off their year of return with another slice of dreamy synth-pop.

LEADR, “White Bird”

Indie dance musician Leadr encourages us to rise above times of difficulty on this ethereal dance-pop escape.

Kalen Blanco, “Tonight”

LA-based newcomer showcases his talent with this sensual vocal and intricate ‘80’s-leaning production.

Cub Sport, “Summer Lover”

Aussie alt-pop sweethearts provide a slow-building slice of lush dream pop with their latest teaser from their upcoming album.

Ruben, “Lay By Me”

Rising Norwegian star Ruben provides a shoulder to cry with “Lay By Me,” a gorgeous full-bodied ballad driven by soaring strings and lingering piano melody.

Niko, “Light My Fire”

NYC-based talent Niko brings both a classic and modern take of the iconic song by The Doors, marrying dreamy synths and a sensual vocal delivery.

Bad W0lfy, “Kill It With Love”

L.A’s Bad W0lfy looks inward on this beautifully intricate song: “I'm talking about my own anxieties and insecurities at the moment, and I want to say to people, hey, when you're feeling mad...that's important,” she said in a statement.

Felix and the Future, “Schoolboy”

Brooklyn artist Felix and the Future takes an enticing journey across this sleek, atmospheric instrumental haunt filled with pumping beats and icy electronic stings.

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Jon ALi is a NYC-based DJ and founder of pop music entertainment destination Jon ALi’s Blog, which celebrates its 13-year anniversary this year. He spends his weekends spinning tunes at gay spots in Manhattan.

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