'RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 4' Power Ranking: Episode 3

Which All Stars 4 queen will earn a spot next to Chad Michaels, Alaska and Trixie Mattel in the Drag Race Hall of Fame? Each week, Billboard will rank the queens based on their performances on this season, as well as seasons past, to determine who is the lead for the crown. Follow Billboard Pride on Twitter and Facebook for updated leaderboards each week.

Last week, the queens were divided into two girl groups and tasked with writing and recording verses, choreographing and performing tracks alongside season three Drag Race fav Stacy Layne Matthews, or “Henny.” Monét X Change and Valentina saw their first wins of the season, with the later claiming victory in a lip sync showdown to “Into You.” Valentina sent her season 9 sister Farrah Moan packing, allowing Monique Heart to stay in the competition.

Tonight, the queens duke it out in a version of Drag Race’s iconic Snatch Game challenge, with hunky guest judges Olympian Gus Kenworthy and Love, Simon star Keiynan Lonsdale.

8. Gia Gunn (last week: 7)

Maybe it pays to be the villain? After rewatching Gia’s low-energy girl group performance, it seems the only fathable excuse that she missed the bottom three was to ensure her Regina George-like antics see more screen time in weeks to come.

7. Monique Heart (last week: 4)

After being in the top two last week, Monique had a minor fumble with her hardly noticeable wardrobe malfunction. Still, with a cast this strong, even the most negligible slip-up could cost you the competition.

6. Manila Luzon (last week: 1)

While the judges seemed to be harsh on Manila for things her competitors were also guilty of (are we really clocking her for “small hair” in front of Gia’s deflated wig?), her performance wasn’t especially memorable. Hopefully, her tête-à-tête with the bottom will serve as fuel for her to deliver something bigger and bolder in the coming weeks.

5. Monét X Change (last week: 8)

Monét had a tall order after last week’s flub, but she recovered with a solid rap recording and an unclockable performance during “Everybody Say Love.” But as one of the finest lip sync assassins in Drag Race history, it was out of character to see her phone it in a bit during the “Into You” showdown against Valentina. Still, with tonight’s iteration of the Snatch Game challenge -- something she won previously on season 10 -- Monét is one to watch.

4. Trinity the Tuck (last week: 3)

Despite her role as team leader, Trinity got lost in the shuffle of the Henny musical performance. This isn’t to say she had a bad week: her scarlet cutaway dress was a runway stunner. But she’ll need to maintain last week’s challenge-winning energy if she wants to remain on top of the competition.

3. Latrice Royale (last week: 2)

Latrice Royale may have been technically “safe” these past two challenges, but her charisma has been unmatched. If she channels her winning personality into a character on next week’s Snatch Game, mother will surely see an overdue win.

2. Naomi Smalls (last week: 5)

If Kacey Musgraves compliments your songwriting abilities, you’re doing something right. Though she hasn’t earned a win, Naomi is the only queen to appear in the top three for the competition’s first two weeks.

1. Valentina (last week: 6)

After playing it safe in last week’s variety show, Valentina stepped it up by channeling Selena during her verse in “Don’t Funk It Up.” Add that to her seductive lip sync to Ariana Grande’s “Into You” (a redemption for season 9’s “Greedy” disaster) and it’s clear: Valentina is the one to beat -- this week anyway.