All-Woman Choir Stuns With Moving 'Lion King' Medley Video: Watch

Queens Sing King
Courtesy Photo

A scene from "Queens Sing King"

YouTube star Michael Korte -- best known for his #HAM4BEY and #GAGA4RENT Broadway and pop music mashups -- is back with a powerful visual. While not a usual mashup, this video features a choir of nine women singing a medley of songs from The Lion King.

The clip opens with the group of women in colorful dresses and hair wraps in a circle in the middle of a rocky desert powerfully singing the opening song from the musical, “He Lives in You.” Diving into different songs, a palpable sense of harmony spreads through the entire video with each subsequent track, as day turns to night and then day again and each woman takes a turn with a solo.

“The goal was to showcase unity, sisterhood, and strength,” Korte tells Billboard. “It was imperative to showcase the African culture that the show is rooted in, but present it in a way that was current and relatable.”

The featured vocalists are: Lisa Odour-Noah, Trenyce, Jada Somiah, Shaylin, Jada Arnell, Jeniffer Criss, Bryce Charles, Lencia Kebede and Dottie. Baxter Stapleton was the videographer for the video, and the songs were arranged by Bryson Camper.

Check out the full video below: