Jasmine Masters Talks 'Drag Race' Elimination & Reality Show Ambitions

On Friday (Dec. 14), RuPaul’s Drag Race returned for the premiere of All Stars 4, reintroducing us to 10 fan favorites ready for their glow-up. After prancing through the werk room doors, the queens read each other to filth (in good fun, of course) and competed in a special All Stars talent show.

After showing off their skills, the brown-cow-stunning Monique Heart and plastic surgery advocate Trinity the Tuck were declared the top two, with the later winning a lip-sync showdown to "Emotions" by Mariah Carey and earning the power to send a competitor home. Ultimately, she chose meme queen Jasmine Masters.

Masters spoke with Billboard about returning for All Stars, her strengths as a lip sync performer and her hopes of her own reality show (we’re here for it!).

It wasn’t supposed to happen like this, Jush!

It’s okay, Jush!

Do you regret not coming up with an outline for your comedy set?

No. I don’t -- I have done it before so I don’t know what was going then. But it made me realize next time I do something, just to make sure I start off with a draft.

If you got to create a challenge on Drag Race that you know you’d dominate, what would it be?

Let the queens perform. Overall, a big part of the drag situation is when a girl goes out of town and she has to perform. Even though performances are all different, I know if it was a performance situation, I would definitely dominate that.

I’m a lip sync artist. I’m not a comedian, I’ve never tried to be one. I mean, I tried it on the show. But I lip sync. I definitely would have got my jush dues on.

What would you say is the biggest misconception fans of Drag Race have about you?

I don’t know because I don’t know what they think of me. If anything, they know who I am because of my social media -- I’m there all the time.

Do you have any projects in the works?

I’m working on a one-woman tour, city to city, state to state, country to country. I’ll do some stand-up comedy, talk some shit, get my jush. And I’m also working on a project that’s a tribute to Patti LaBelle -- it’s also raises money for autism. I’m still working out the details on that.

Is there any chance we'll see you with a comedy series of some sort?

If they call me! [Laughs] I would say yes if everything played out right. I would be more than honored to do something like that with Netflix, Hulu, VH1, anybody.

What are your goals for 2019?

Other than doing my one-woman show, I’d love to do something with VH1 -- my own reality show. I know I could do that with my friends because we’re funny as hell. Why not? Shit, just what I do on the daily because what I do on the daily is off the chain. I would just tell people to push record. Me and my friends would just do what we do and I guarantee the show would be amazing.

Was there a queen you didn't know well going into the competition that you developed a friendship with through your All Stars journey?

Farrah, actually. I had only met Farrah one time and it was quick. So getting to know her on the show and during the press tour and we got to talk about life.

Who are you rooting for on All Stars 4?

All the girls, actually. It’s really a good thing for all of us to get called and be on there. I just hope whoever wins keeps a humble mind and heart, and tried to do something good for the community.


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