'RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 4' Pre-Season Power Ranking: Which Queen Will Win?

Ready or not, RuPaul’s Drag Race is returning this Friday with a premiere of All Stars 4. After a five-month disco nap, the Ru-crew is ready to reintroduce us to 10 fan favorites ready for their All Stars glow-up.

Unlike seasons prior, the front-runners of this cast aren’t obvious; it’s pretty much anyone’s game. Still, we have the luxury of knowing our competitors ahead of what’s bound to be a bedazzled bloodbath -- so why not try to rank them?

Billboard Pride will conjure up a weekly power ranking after each episode. And to kick things off (before knowing what this “biggest, boldest move in All Stars history” is), we’ve set our predictions for the season’s elimination order.

10. Farrah Moan

Predicting who will be the first queen eliminated with this stacked cast isn’t a fun task. Farrah makes the most sense, but in some ways she’s already won. Not only did she get to meet and kiki with her idol Christina Aguilera, but the diva impersonated the pint-size drag queen on season 10 of Drag Race, and the pair performed together at this year’s New York Fashion Week Opening Ceremony show. This return to All Stars is an opportunity for Farrah -- who, at 25, is the youngest queen in the cast -- to be the face of a few memes while she continues to build her brand for an inevitable All Stars 8 showgirl-rising-from-the-ashes ascension.

9. Gia Gunn

The cards aren’t in Gia’s favor here; she was booted in tenth place, only out-ranking Jasmine Masters when it comes to pure stats. And while Gia’s snappy catchphrases have (absolutely) withstood the test of time, it’s hard to imagine her thriving in the inevitable acting and comedy challenges the Drag Race crew has lined up.

8. Jasmine Masters

Since her super quick elimination on season 7 (she only lasted three episodes), Jasmine has gained notoriety as one of the show’s most memeable queens -- but not for her moments on the show. It’s her hilarious Instagram live rants that have been shared by thousands of adoring fans (including Justin Bieber). Unfortunately for Jasmine, the show’s competition style doesn’t play to her strengths (her mask-over-mouth lip sync on the holiday special, for example, doesn't bode well).

7. Trinity Taylor

This is where things get confusing. It’s All Stars; like Thorgy and Ginger Minj on past seasons, surely we’ll have an earlier than expected exit. It could go either way for Trinity though; while her track record was a bit of a rollercoaster on season 9, she was still standing for the finals. The Tuck is one to watch; she is a fierce competitor and could just as easily end up in the finals.

6. Monique Heart

Monique is a bit of an oddball here. Having just finished season 10, she could have benefitted from a break from the Drag Race machine while she focused on building her brand outside the show. We’re not complaining though; she’s easily one of the most watchable contestants to prance through the Werk Room. Regardless of where Miss Heart places, justice will only be served if she is given the same reverence as loveable goofballs like Katya and Alyssa Edwards. (Seriously: someone call Netflix!)

5. Latrice Royale

It’s shocking enough that they’d bring back two former All Stars, but to let them both into the top 4? No ma’am. She may be one of Drag Race’s beloved legends, but statistically, Manilla outperformed Latrice on their respective seasons. Having no knowledge of what twists and turns await us, fifth place seems fair.

4. Naomi Smalls

Naomi comes into the competition as the clear fan favorite, as she’s the only queen this season to have surpassed the one million followers mark on Instagram. That denotation was earned too; she an eye for editorial-ready looks on par with the show’s most fashion-focused alums. There’s no doubt that the Chicago-queen will be unclockable on the runway, and while she may not be known for her comedy, neither was Aquaria. That seemed to work out just fine.

3. Manila Luzon

This Filipina queen is endlessly creative, reinventing childhood favs like Spongebob Squarepants, Wednesday Addams and Big Bird as couture costumes. She proved to be a fierce competitor on season 3 and All Stars 1, and if this new seasons keeps it heavy on the comedy and acting challenges, Manila is a lock for the top four, if not the crown.

2. Monét X Change

This NYC queen had a solid run on season 10, if you ignore her runways anyway. But that’s why she’s so high on this list. A quick look at her fashions since her time on Drag Race, and Monét has clearly stepped it up her wardrobe. Here’s hoping her newfound style shines through on All Stars.

1. Valentina

Going into the past two seasons of All Stars, it was fairly obvious that Alaska and Trixie Mattel would walk away with the crown. This round is the most evenly matched All Stars group we’ve seen; it’s just about anyone’s game. That said, we’re putting our bets on Valentina. Prior to her elimination -- one of the most unexpected exits in the show’s history -- Valentina seemed like a lock for the season 9 crown. Add that to her role as Angel on Fox’s upcoming live musical production of Rent, and things are looking pretty good for the girl who didn’t want to take her mask off.

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