The Vixen Serves Scalding Hot Bars On 'Tea Party': Listen

The Vixen
Adam Ouahmane

The Vixen

Drag Race alum The Vixen has been teasing “tea” on Twitter all week and it’s finally here today (Dec. 11), in the form of a fiery hip-hop track. Just in time for her 28th birthday (c’mon Sagittarius), the Chicago-based queen has released “Tea Party.”

The Vixen tells Billboard she wrote the song seven years ago: “I was just an androgynous 21-year-old imagining the kind of queen I wanted to be. It’s crazy how the lyrics make more sense now that I’ve done drag for years and I’ve been in the club scene. The metaphors were all fantasy when I wrote it. But now when I hear them, they’re eerily on point with what I know about “partying” that I had no clue about in 2011.”

Earlier in the year, The Vixen released “The Room, Pt. 2” with Shea Couleé and was featured on Aja’s “Demons Witches & Bitches” alongside Shilow. “Tea Party” marks the queen’s first collab-free track available for purchase and showcases her talent for delivering bars.

The beat was created by B.Ames, whom The Vixen says she’s “been obsessed with forever.” The track was produced by Chicago talent Mike Jones.

Check out "Tea Party" below.

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