Dorian Electra Brawls With Toxic Masculinity in New 'Man to Man' Video: Watch

Man To Man - Dorian Electra
Courtesy Photo

Dorian Electra, "Man To Man"

Pop artist Dorian Electra has always been a critic of the way our society talks about gender. Through many of their videos and songs, Electra has pointed out time and time again that gender is nothing but a construct and that the different ways society interacts with gender can be dangerous and harmful.

Electra continued their work of educating the people with their new video for “Man to Man,” which effortlessly handles the complex subject of toxic masculinity. Throughout the video, Electra appears onscreen depicting different variations of “real men”; the star dresses as a boxer, a knight, a street fighter, a matador and many other archetypes.

But the lyrics Electra sings point out the inherent ridiculousness of our concept of “manliness.” While dressed as stereotypically macho men, Electra asks the men listening whether or not they are truly as hardened as they claim to be. “Are you bad enough to soften up?/ Are you tough enough to open up?” Electra asks.

The “Career Boy” singer has been busy as of late. Along with preparing their highly anticipated debut album for release in 2019, Electra just hosted and performed alongside artists like Charli XCX and Allie X at The Billy Ball, a fundraising concert for musician Billy Clayton, who is battling a rare and aggressive form of bone cancer.

Check out the full video for “Man to Man” below: