Andie Case Explores Her Bisexuality in 'Mysterious' Music Video: Watch

Andie Case
Sergio Garcia

Andie Case

Seattle-based pop singer Andie Case's latest track “Mysterious" marks a first for the artist: It's the first song she wrote about a female love interest since coming out as bisexual earlier this year.

The video, premiering on Billboard Pride below, features Case goofing around and getting closer with a female crush as they hang out at the beach, sit in laundromat carts, and paint each other’s bodies with neon colors.

The song was written about the sexual tension she felt with a girl she had a crush on. In the song, Case is unsure whether to act on her feelings, or if she should keep her thoughts and emotions to herself.

“I was always questioning if she was interested, but never knew if it was OK to make a move. This song really lets all of that out, and is an opportunity to finally say what was on my mind,” Case tells Billboard.

The girl that Case wrote about is someone who helped her through her journey of self-discovery. Case wanted to capture this idea in the video by re-creating several moments the two girls had with each other.

“All of the fun crazy moments in the video were based off of real things we would do when we were together, just being young and dumb!” Case says.

Watch the "Mysterious" music video below.