Jax Jones and Years & Years Team Up For Euphoric Club Anthem 'Play': Listen

Olly Years & Jax Jones
Isha Shah

Years & Years frontman Olly Alexander & Jax Jones

Jax Jones and Years & Years have remained busy throughout 2018, but that didn’t stop the musicians from teaming up to end the year on an even higher note. Today (Nov. 28), the buzzy producer-DJ and the British synth-pop trio released a winter pick-me-up in the form of “Play.”

“Olly’s got one of those unique voices. He commands your attention as soon as you hear him sing -- he’s a compelling artist,” Jones said of his collaborator. “We had a lot of fun writing this song together and it was great to collaborate with someone so down to earth and open to new ideas. After we had written the song I started building a track with a strong UK Garage influence, as well as my love of soul and house.”

Alexander echoed the love (“we just giggled the whole time and danced around”) and shared his love for creating songs for the dancefloor.

“I love dance music because it makes me feel invincible, but it has tension in the lyrics, so I tried to create a bit of that -- like how long till you play me the damn song!” he said in a statement. “I liked the idea of a track that could make you fall in love. You’re so obsessed with hearing it that it’s like you’ve been hypnotized -- I wanna hear that song!”

The two musicians were reimagined as animated figurines for a visual supplement for the song. Check out the video for “Play” below.