Pop-Punk Rapper Brooke Candy Goes 'Nuts' With Lil Aaron On New Track: Listen

Brooke Candy
Robin Black

Brooke Candy

Brooke Candy isn’t interested in whatever sound you’re comfortable with. The 29-year-old rapper/singer has spent her whole career defying the expectations of her audience. Her most recent slew of singles, including “My Sex” and “War,” ditched the her synth-pop roots for darker, more aggressive hip-hop beats.

Candy continues that trend on her newest single “Nuts.” With the help of up-and-coming Soundcloud rapper Lil Aaron, Candy goes off on her new track, mixing her new rap sound with more traditional elements of emo and pop-punk, making for an entertaining and high-energy song. “Kill the infrastructure, fuck the crown/ They told me sit down, they told me listen/ Well motherfucker who’s listening now?” she wails on the track.

“Nuts” is Candy’s latest venture in her brand new independent career; after working with RCA on her debut EP Opulence, the star decided to work on and release her full-length album without their help, and announced she’d be going solo in 2017.

Check out Candy’s new song “Nuts” ft. Lil Aaron below.