Ginger Minj Gives Her Best Dolly Parton Drag in New Trailer for 'Dumplin': Watch

Ginger Minj
Courtesy Photo

Ginger Minj in the trailer for Dumplin' on Netflix.

"Dumplin’," starring Jennifer Aniston & featuring Parton's music, comes to Netflix on Dec. 7.

It’s a wonderful time to be a fan of drag. Not only has the success of RuPaul’s Drag Race reached new highs, but drag has slowly found its way into mainstream recognition. The smash-hit A Star Is Born featured multiple beloved drag queens at the film’s start, shows like Pose are highlighting the rise of ballroom culture, and Netflix’s Super Drags is bringing many other queens into the world of cartoons.

Now fans can rejoice at the brand-new trailer for Dumplin’, the Netflix original movie starring Jennifer Aniston and Danielle Macdonald about a young plus-size girl finding her way into the world of beauty pageants. Among the film’s cast are a bevy of drag performers, including Drag Race alum Ginger Minj.

In the story, Willowdean (Macdonald) enters a beauty pageant to spite her mother (Aniston), a former pageant queen herself, and to draw the attention of a local boy she likes. But when she doesn’t quite know what to do in the world of pageantry, she turns to “the closest thing you can get to Dolly Parton around here”: the local drag bar.

In the trailer, Minj is seen wearing some of her best Dolly-inspired drag, complete with fringe, plump red lips and a huge pile of blonde hair. Later in the trailer, her character can be seen giving Willowdean a makeover, turning her into her very own dragged-up version of the Queen of Country.

Parton herself is involved in the creation of the film -- along with serving as a major inspiration to the plot of the film, she’s also writing and releasing a number of new songs for the soundtrack. Two of the songs have been released so far; a beautiful duet with Sia called “Here I Am” and the classic country ballad “Girl in the Movies.”

Dumplin’ comes to Netflix on Dec. 7. Check out the full trailer below: