Jiggly Caliente Reveals She Almost Lip Synced to Cardi B in Front Of Nicki Minaj: Watch

If you’ve been anxiously waiting for some piping hot tea to be spilled, the time is finally here. Season three of Billboard Pride’s “Spillin’ the Tea,” starring Aja, Bob the Drag Queen, Gia Gunn, Jiggly Caliente, and Peppermint has arrived, and the first episode -- which you can watch above -- is full of juicy stories about knife fights, smoking blunts with Miley Cyrus, and the time when one of the queens almost lip synched to a Cardi B song…in front of Nicki Minaj.

In this week’s (Nov. 8) installment, the queens kick things off with a game of “Never Have I Ever,” as they open up about the physical altercations they have gotten into while in drag. Four out of five of the queens, it turns out, have been involved in some type of squabble (Gia Gunn is the only pacifist, or rather, she admits that she always has her friends fight her battles.)

Bob recounts when she got tackled on stage during a performance, while Peppermint recalls one night when a guy tried to set her afro on fire on the subway and Jiggly Caliente shares a story about the time she pulled a knife on a guy in a bar for questioning her womanhood.

The queens then discuss their most surreal celebrity moments, with Peppermint divulging that she once walked a few blocks in New York City with Bernadette Peters, only realizing that it was her at the very end.

“I was in college…and I was in a rush to class,” she explains. “Somebody walked up next to me, was walking their dog, and the dog was, like, the cutest dog ever. So, I was looking at the dog, and we struck up a conversation, and walked a couple blocks…By the time we finished, we got ready to turn, and I looked up, and I saw this curly-haired lady. It was Bernadette Peters. And we had like, walked two or three blocks together, talking about her dog and just different things, and I didn't realize it was her.”

Bob the Drag Queen shares a couple of stories, as well: one hilarious tale involving Cuba Gooding Jr., and one about her whirlwind friendship with Whoopi Goldberg.

“Anyone who knows me knows that I'm obsessed with Whoopi Goldberg,” she says, explaining that she went to see the comedian perform at Caroline’s and during her set, Goldberg spoke about a tattoo she has on her chest inspired by a band’s lyrics, and how she told the band about it.

“I was like, ‘Oh, my god, I need to tell Whoopi about my tattoo,’” Bob says. She did, and that led to Bob hopping on a phone call with Goldberg’s granddaughter (who is obsessed with the drag queen). Bob was then invited to Goldberg’s birthday party in Las Vegas and an episode of The View.

Gia Gunn shares her story about getting starstruck by Taraji P. Henson when she and The Vixen made cameos on Empire, and she also discusses working with Miley Cyrus on her 2015 VMAs performance.

“That was obviously not that surreal, because she was actually really real with us,” Gunn says, with Jiggly adding, “She was sharing blunts with everybody. I was just like, ‘Girl, you gonna get something on your lip, bitch. You don't know where these girls have been!’"

Finally, Jiggly chats about her recent appearance during New York Fashion Week, where she performed during Sasha Velour’s Opening Ceremony show and narrowly avoided a hip-hop feud disaster.

“They told me Nicki was in the building,” Jiggly says. “They didn't tell me where she was. So, I sung my number, and I turned to my right and all of a sudden, there is Nicki Minaj in front row, with her camera phone, just recording me, and just going off while I'm performing. I was trying so hard to keep my shit together.”

Asked by Bob if there was any Nicki music in the mix of what she lip synced to, Jiggly reveals that she was originally going to end the performance with a Cardi B song, but she (fortunately) had to cut it down because it was too long.

You can hear all of these stories and many more in the video above, and don’t forget to tune in on Thursdays for new episodes.