Blair St. Clair Shows Off Her Sexy Side in New Video for 'Irresistible': Watch

Blair St. Clair Irresistible
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Blair St. Clair, "Irresistible"

After appearing on season 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Blair St. Clair was the butt of countless jokes surrounding her appearance and age. The 23-year-old performer was constantly referred to as a child thanks to her very young-looking face both online and by her fellow competitors.

Now, St. Clair is claiming her title not only as a beautiful queen, but as a sex symbol with her new music video for “Irresistible.” The drag star demonstrates, through both her looks and her lyrics, that she is more than just her age.

The video begins with St. Clair doing a group dance audition for a panel of judgmental casting directors. When she’s called to the front of the group, the judges operate as manifestations of her detractors online, calling her a “haunted doll,” a “baby prostitute” and even “a Cabbage Patch Kid in a porno.”

The footage quickly transitions to the star in some of her sexiest drag to date, showing off some truly sensual dance moves while singing some very mature lyrics. “You want me, I know it, so come on and show it/ Touch me the way that you do in your dreams.”

“Irresistible” comes off of St. Clair’s debut album Call My Life, which came out this past summer. The album accomplished a feat that no other debut album by a Drag Race alum has been able to achieve: Call My Life debuted in the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s Dance/Electronic Albums Sales chart.

Check out Blair St. Clair’s gorgeous new video for “Irresistible” below: