Robyn Returns to Pop Music With 'Honey' and Fans Are Ecstatic: 'The Swedish Legend Delivered'

Mark Peckmezian


After an eight-year hiatus from music, pop legend Robyn has returned with her brand new album Honey today (Oct. 26). The Swedish pop star’s last work, the 2010 Body Talk trilogy, cemented her status as a household name, with her classic track “Dancing On My Own” becoming a cultural phenomenon.

The reviews for Honey are officially in; critics are praising the smooth, stylish new album for its introspective musings on the performance of personality, and for its perfectly-crafted melodies and beats that make this album an instant win for Robyn.

Fans, too, took to Twitter to celebrate the return of the Swedish superstar, unofficially crowning October 26, 2018 as “Robyn Day.”

Here are some of our favorite reactions to Robyn’s entrancing new album.