After Best Friend's Death, Lawrence Rothman Releases Haunting 'Decade' Video: Watch

Lawrence Rothman
Floria Sigismondi

Lawrence Rothman

Lawrence Rothman’s 2018 has been filled with tragedy and a whirlwind of conflicting emotions.

The lead single “Decade” off their upcoming mini-album I Know I’ve Been Wrong, But Can We Talk, out Nov. 9 on Downtown Records, covers the difficulty of being unable to escape the intense emotions that accompany a lost love even after an extended period of time.

“I’m starting to believe that the first true love don’t ever disappear no matter how far you run,” they croon in their trademark low tone over a bittersweet, danceable groove. “It’s not enough to make a memory last a lifetime.”

Directed by longtime collaborator Floria Sigsimondi, who has directed videos for the likes of David Bowie and Rihanna, the haunting, high-concept video for "Decade" finds Rothman -- and their “alter” character Courtney (personified by dancer Denna Thomsen) -- as two vampires in pursuit of endless youth and escape. They roam through a desolate mid-century home in Joshua Tree National Park, awaiting their victims and extending their lease on life.

The L.A. singer-songwriter was reluctant to rekindle a relationship with their estranged father (whose text message serves as the basis for the mini-album’s title) after an extended period of hurt. But after their best friend, Bobby, died by suicide soon after the fraught familial exchange, the temporality of life and the need to reconnect despite lingering hurt soon became clear to them.

“Life swells by fast and is unpredictable. I picked up the phone this past May and called my dad, we have begun trying to understand each other, which I guess is the first step,” Rothman writes.

Watch the video for "Decade" below: