Pride Profile: 10 Questions With Singer/Songwriter JHart

Chuck David Willis 


JHart has had a difficult time adjusting to being in the spotlight. The Atlanta-raised, U.K.-born songwriter-to-the-stars, born James Abrahart, has shared studio time with the likes of Camila Cabello, Justin Bieber and Kelsea Ballerini.

“I think it's daunting to kind of be put on display,” JHart tells Billboard. “You have to be prepared to be brutally honest with yourself and for other people to be brutally honest with you. It's a challenge and I'm enjoying it.”

Earlier in the year, the 30-year-old toured with Kygo, who featured him on his track "Permanent.” Not only was it his first arena tour, but it was JHart's first tour ever.

As the singer gears up to release Vol. 1 – Songs From Therapy, he dropped "Why Does It Hurt” and its accompanying music video on Friday. To celebrate his latest single, Billboard quizzed JHart on everything from his ideal first date (“dune buggies in the desert”) to his all-time favorite movie.

Biggest guilty pleasure: You know what, it would either be Instagram stalking or it would be Maury. One of the two.

All-time favorite movie: I would probably say Mrs. Doubtfire. I just love it. I remember the first time I got in trouble as a kid -- I remember my parents walking into the room and I was watching Mrs. Doubtfire. It’s one of those memories from a kid where I felt my stomach drop. I wasn't in trouble for watching that movie -- I actually got in trouble for spray-painting the side of my house. I was a little shit.

Favorite cartoon character: Probably Bugs Bunny. I just die for Bugs. I just think he's so glamorous. Actually, I heard that they were making a new Space Jam, and that makes me nervous but also very excited.

First celebrity crush: This is before I worked out my gayness, but I remember being obsessed with Sarah Michelle Gellar. She kicked ass and wore a lot of leather jumpsuits and I was secretly jealous. I was obsessed with Buffy. For men, I think my first celebrity crush was Jonathan Taylor Thomas -- oh God, that is making me sound so old.

Irrational fear: I think an irrational fear that I have is that I'm going to stop trusting myself and start becoming out of touch by just not trusting my gut anymore. I know that's irrational because I know there's no way for that to happen, unless you actively let it happen. I think the way you become out of touch is if you start questioning your instincts.

Ideal dream date: I've become kind of an adventure-obsessed person recently. I've been trying all these different things, and at the moment, my ideal dream date, is dune buggies in the desert.

Desert island disc: Honestly, probably Up! by Shania Twain. I know that sounds ridiculous. I played it over and over and over and over and over again and I know every song.

Spirit animal: Probably my dog Jackson. He and I are so similar. We gain and lose weight at the same time. It's very glamorous.

Hidden talent: I'm a really good cook. I can actually cook my ass off, and I love going to cooking classes.

Last TV show you binged: The Crown, which is so British of me. I'm obsessed with the history and the scandals of the royal family. It's great.