'Pose' Star Indya Moore Campaigns Against Trans Memo: 'Our Government Is Not Protecting Us'

Following a leaked memo draft from the Department of Health and Human Services published by The New York Times on Sunday (Oct. 21) that would roll back the rights of transgender people by pushing forward a biological definition of gender identity, hundreds of protesters rallied at Washington Square Park in New York to speak out against the discriminatory proposal.

Pose star Indya Moore was one of the speakers in attendance at the rally, which started hours after details of the memo were published by The Times. Moore campaigned against law enforcement, the current political administration and the history of colonialism that she argues "swept away" the rights of trans and gender non-binary people "all over the world because of someone’s opinion, because of someone else’s narcissism, because someone thought that their existence was more worthy and valuable than someone else’s."

“This is not OK. Our law enforcement is not enforcing the law. Our government is not protecting us. They are exploiting us. Slowly but surely, little by little, many different groups of vulnerable bodies and people have been targeted from since the beginning of time, from since the beginning of the construction of America and all the civilizations from around the world pre-colonially,” she said at the march.

Her impassioned speech tied together the current political administration’s proposals to eradicate civil rights to centuries of oppressive, closed-minded before, concluding with a powerful rallying cry advocating for peaceful, knowledge-based activism.

"We will not stop before the faces of deceit. We will not stand before the basis of lies and we will not fight ignorance with our fists. We will fight ignorance and a lack of information with information.”

Watch Moore’s speech below: