5 Highlights From Troye Sivan's NYC Show at Radio City Music Hall: Charli XCX, a Marriage Proposal & More

Troye Sivan
Jessica Xie

Troye Sivan performs during his Bloom tour stop at Radio City Music Hall on Oct. 9, 2018 in New York.

Last night (Oct. 9), Troye Sivan brought The Bloom Tour to NYC. With opening sets from songwriter superstar Leland and fast-rising pop starlet Kim Petras, a set full of bops and a very special guest performance from wild child Charli XCX, it was a spectacle to behold. Here are five highlights from the Radio City Music Hall tour stop:

1. Both of the tour’s supporting acts stunned during their respective sets. Leland, who is credited with co-writing a majority of Sivan’s catalogue, proved that he can work the stage in his own right. Petras followed with her unique brand of cool girl attitude and pipes that prove she is the real deal, worthy of every bit of hype surrounding her. Between her undeniable stage presence and the roaring crowd’s response, she’s sure be headlining her own tour in no time.

2. Sivan opened his set with a trifecta of standouts from his latest album, starting with “Seventeen” and segueing into title track “Bloom” and the high-energy “Plum.” The pop star then took a second to address the crowd, reflecting on the incredible view from the stage. Relishing in the moment, he invited an unsuspecting fan, Judah, to join him on stage. The 20-something told Sivan he was at the show with his boyfriend, Daniel, to which the pop star quickly extended a second stage invitation. After pointing out that they had matching kippahs (“Jewish like me, which I like!”), Sivan revealed that the pair didn’t end up on stage on accident; Daniel had reached out to arrange an on-stage proposal. The couple then got engaged, to which Sivan exclaimed, “mazel tov!”

3. The most moving moment of the evening came during Sivan’s performance of Blue Neighbourhood standout “Heaven.” Sivan explained that he wrote the song about his coming out process and encouraged the crowd to light up their cell phones. The singer then performed to a glowing room, finishing the ballad in front of a rainbow light display to make for a powerful image.

4. After reflecting on his role in the upcoming gay conversion therapy drama Boy Erased, the singer said he insisted that the director, Joel Edgerton, use his music in the film, offering him his entire catalogue. He then told the crowd that not only did his Bloom cut “The Good Side” make it into the film, but he wrote “Revelation” specifically for the movie. “I don’t know if I’m allowed to sing it yet, hope it’s okay,” he laughed before performing the unreleased track.

5. The biggest surprise of the night was a guest appearance from Charli XCX. Sivan introduced his collaborator for their first-ever live performance of the nostalgia-filled “1999.” After Charli exited the stage, Sivan gushed that she was one his “pop icons.” He added, “she is the most creative and she is literally a f---ing tastemaker -- she’s at the forefront, you know what I mean?.” Check out the performance of “1999” below.