Imagine Dragons Fan Explains How Dan Reynolds' LoveLoud Festival Inspired Him to Come Out: Exclusive

Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds was the subject of Believer, a powerful documentary released by HBO this year that followed him through the process of launching his LoveLoud Festival in Utah in hopes of advocating and fundraising for LGBTQ youth.

As a sort-of epilogue to Believer, director Don Argott premieres a short film exclusively with Billboard below that follows a LoveLoud attendee whose life was altered by the events he had witnessed at the festival.

The short film is a bittersweet and hopeful look into the life of Eric Michels, a Mormon who came out to his family after going to the first-ever LoveLoud Festival.

“The whole time, my heart was on the edge, and man, I have not felt that amount of love towards myself since I was a kid,” says Michels about LoveLoud.

It ends on a hopeful note, as Michels finally meets Reynolds backstage just before Imagine Dragons' set begins.

“I hope that you continue to follow your truth,” says Reynolds moments before he gets onstage. “That’s what it’s all about: following your truth, following your light.”

Hosted by Cameron Esposito, this year's LoveLoud Festival achieved its goal of raising $1 million for LGBTQ charities.

Watch the powerful short film above.

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