Jesse Saint John Wants to Know What 'U Like': Listen

Brooke Taffet
Jesse Saint John

Songwriter-to-the-stars Jesse Saint John us continuing his streak of dopamine-filled pop with his most radio-friendly single yet, titled “What Do U Like." Out today (Oct. 5), "What Do U Like" is a flirty, twinkling new-wave gem that could slot at your local roller rink's '80s night.

Saint John wants to savor one last night with a cutie who's skipping town the next morning. “If that’s the way you want it/I could go all night,” he chants, a come-on that his partner would be a fool to turn down.

Saint John ventured out on his own this year, releasing synth-pop hits that veered toward the weird and the wonderful. You can hear another release, "Move," here.

Check out the cheeky “What Do U Like” below.