Trans Model Laith Ashley Shows Off His Sexy Side in 'Before You Go' Music Video: Watch

Laith Ashley
Nelson Castillo

Laith Ashley

It has been a big year for Laith Ashley. The 29-year-old has been a name in the modeling industry since making headlines in 2014 as one of the first transgender models to be cast appear in a national campaign. But this year, the star saw his fame reach new heights after making cameos on both RuPaul’s Drag Race (as an honorary member of the show's hunky, underwear-clad "pit crew") and Pose.

Along with being an actor and a model, Ashley is also a budding pop singer. In the new video for his song “Before You Go,” Ashley croons and dances in the bedroom with a series of beautiful women, showing that he’s got looks and moves to go along with his sultry singing voice.

The singer said that the song was inspired by his now ex-girlfriend, and he wanted to show his audience that he could do more than simple, sweet love songs. “My first single ‘Can't Wait,’ was very sweet, and I wanted to do something sexier,” he tells Billboard. “I am always so safe, and I wanted to show I had an um, let's call it ‘passionate’ side too.”

But to Ashley, “Before You Go” is just the cherry on top of a near-perfect year. The star says that it’s hard for him to pick one particular moment as his favorite so far, especially since he’s been so busy. “So much has happened, and after one gig, you're on to the next,” he says. “I love to keep busy, it's the only way I know I'm making progress. I am honored that I got the opportunity to perform at so many Pride festivals this year, which allowed more ears to hear my music.”

Certainly, though, Ashley says that it was thrilling to be featured in an episode of one of the hottest new shows on television, Pose. He even sent out a message to the show’s creators to see if his character could make a comeback. “Steven Canals, Janet Mock, and Our Lady J, you know you have to bring Sebastian (my character) back for a love triangle with Candy and Blanca!” he says.

For now, Ashley is happy to continue focusing on his music. While the artist may not have any more tracks ready to release just yet, he says that he will have new music out sooner rather than later. “I have two new songs written, sitting in my notes that I have yet to record,” he says. “But they are coming soon.”

Watch Laith Ashley’s steamy new video for “Before You Go” below: