Azealia Banks Calls Out Troye Sivan After His 'Watch What Happens Live' Interview

Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images
Troye Sivan on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

Azealia Banks has a bone to pick with Troye Sivan, and she hit Twitter to re-hash a beef that, in Sivan’s words, was “not even a thing.”

On a Friday (Sept. 6) broadcast of Watch What Happens Live, host Andy Cohen put the “Bloom” singer in the hot seat when he asked about a “feud” sparked between the two musicians after remarks he made in a January interview.

Sivan explained that he wanted to collaborate with the rapper, but had conflicting feelings about her. "I mean, I was a huge Azealia Banks fan, but that all went south a little bit," he explained. "It's just one of those annoying things where you just wanna support [her] so bad and it just doesn't work out like that."

Banks responded to the interview, calling Sivan "entitled." "For the record I am not interested nor have I ever been interested in a collaboration with Troye Sivan," she said.

Cohen revisited the beef in the segment, asking Sivan, “If you were stuck in an elevator with her, what would you say to her?” 

“It’s weird because there was, like, a -- it’s not even a thing -- but there was a little thing,” Sivan responded. “But I would just say, like 'Hey, I love your music,' ‘cause I do.”

The Harlem rapper took Sivan to task on Twitter yesterday (Sept. 10) days after the original segment was aired. ”The white gays are obsessed,” tweeted Banks, in addition to sharing a recording of the WWHL segment. “Give it a rest already. Honestly... s--t is mad annoying.”

“How about you turn around and face the corner of the elevator ? Or... how about you get off the elevator so I can ride in peace thank you,” she added. "Stop trying to act like your above me with that performative 'oh it’s not okay to like Azealia but I like her” type s--t. Just keep it to yourself please"

Check out Banks’ series of tweets below: