Shea Couleé Shows Off a New Introspective Sound on Moody Track 'Gasoline': Listen

Shea Couleé
Gizelle Hernandez

Shea Couleé photographed on May 9, 2018 at Youtube Space LA. Set Design by Danny Diamond.   

Shea Couleé, one of the finalists from Season 9 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, wants you to know that she is more than just a drag queen who sings. Starting with her EP Couleé-D back in 2017 and continuing through the release of new singles and live cover performances, the queen has shown that she has a raw, natural talent for music.

The latest example of Couleé’s astonishing music is “Gasoline,” her brand new, paired-down song about wanting to take her lover all for her own. The track is a significant departure from her previous music, her songs tinged with synth-pop chords and often dance-ready beats. But “Gasoline” strips away that sound and replaces it with a beautifully nebulous hip hop production and excellent vocals from Couleé to match. “Can we teleport to a new place/ A new reality?” she softly sings.

Part of the reason for Couleé’s new sound is her inclusion of upcoming queer singer and producer GESS, who released his EP Plastic City -- featuring a guest spot from Couleé herself -- last month. The hazy, ethereal new sound Couleé shows off is at least partially thanks to GESS’ producing, co-writing and featured credit on the brand new track.

This is Couleé’s second song of 2018, following her club-ready banger “Crème Brûleé” released back in May. Fans of the drag superstar have already begun speculating that the star is preparing to release a brand new studio album, even though Couleé has yet to confirm if a new album is on the way.

Listen to Shea Couleé’s brand new song “Gasoline” below: