Pop Upcomer Baby Yors Dabbles in Glamour and Extravagance in 'Gogo Girl' Video: Premiere

Baby Yors
Serichai Traipoom

Baby Yors

Since his debut back in 2017, Baby Yors has been well on his way toward becoming a big name in the music industry. The Argentina-born rock/pop/soul singer has released a mere three singles, but through industry connections and inherent skills, has been able to create a name for himself as an artistically inventive young artist close to breaking through.

His latest video for the song “Gogo Girl” is no exception. Yors’ guitar-infused, digital pop-punk jam is visualized in a beautiful nightclub setting, where the young artist struts through a crowd of decadently-dressed individuals, constantly changing into edgier fashionable outfits and getting down on the dancefloor. “Gimme a ride, I’m taking a chance/I’m trying to dance to our beat/So go-go girl, come dancing,” he hollers throughout the chorus.

This isn’t Yors’ first experience creating a high concept video; back in March, the singer released his queer film-inspired video for “Bad Influence,” showing off not only his musical prowess, but a distinct visual style. “Sometimes [visuals and music] come together, sometimes they come one before the other,” he told Billboard earlier this year.

Check out Baby Yors’ new video for “Gogo Girl’ below.