Lady Gaga 'Rockabye Baby!' Covers Album Has a Release Date

Little Monsters of all ages have plenty to celebrate with the upcoming release of Rockabye Baby!'s Lady Gaga lullaby covers album, due Sept. 21.

With covers of tracks that span her illustrious career, ranging from The Fame up to Joanne, even the Mother Monster’s most club-friendly bops will wind down into wood-block-and-glockenspiel sleepy time fodder. 

The Rockabye Baby! series has transformed the discographies of popular acts, including Black Sabbath, Björk and Taylor Swift, into beloved nap-time sounds.

Rockabye Baby! founder Lisa Roth revealed that a Lady Gaga edition of the the wildly successful lullaby covers series was in the works in an interview with Billboard this past April. Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Lady Gaga is due Sept. 21. Gaga’s Las Vegas residency begins Dec. 28.

Check out the track list below:

1. Born This Way
2. The Edge of Glory
3. Bad Romance
4. Poker Face
5. Just Dance
6. Alejandro
7. Paparazzi
8. Telephone
9. Perfect Illusion
10. Applause
11. Yoü and I
12. Million Reasons