Randy Rainbow Takes On President Trump in Hilarious 'Wizard of Oz' Tribute: Watch

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Courtesy Photo
Randy Rainbow

YouTube comic Randy Rainbow strikes again with a pitch-perfect parody of the current political hullaballoo, taking another jab at President Donald Trump in a video titled "If You Ever Got Impeached."

Set to the jaunty Wizard of Oz number “If I Ever Had a Brain,” Rainbow runs through a fairytale sequence of how life would improve if the current Commander-in-Chief were to be impeached. Rainbow, whose video outfits continue to be spot-on, wears his best Dorothy dress as he runs down a laundry list of possibilities for the future of the current Oval Office.

“You’d be through and take with you our worries and our strife,” he sings in his fabulous trill to Trump. “You’d return to only burdening your wife and we’d resume a normal life.”

Watch the fairy tale meets “Faux News” video, out today (Aug. 27) below: