Mykki Blanco Spoofs Donald Trump & #BBQBetty in Incisive Short Film 'Wypipo': Watch

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Mykki Blanco speaks about whiteface in new short film.

Rapper Mykki Blanco blends humor and camp with incisive statements on black queerness in his music. So it’s only fitting that his latest project displays the nuances of Blanco’s musical persona in a visual form.

In a new short film for Dazed titled Wypipo, the rapper enters different personas and performs absurd monologues as each of them -- chief among them a Donald Trump-inspired politician and a woman who recalls the likes of #BBQBetty and #PermitPatty.

The short clip showcases three characters that, based on a tweet written by Blanco, display “3 forms of White Privilege & White Supremacy.” There’s Meredith, a brunch-going white woman who calls the police on a black family at a park, an unnamed, slimy politician in a cobalt-blue suit, and a rap fan who refuses to acknowledge race.

Interspersed between the character studies are compelling conversations about race, class and white supremacy that take place as Blanco’s makeup artist applies the white mask on Blanco.

“Are white people having this conversation not with us, but amongst themselves?” he asks at the end of the video. “That’s kind of like I think gonna be the key game changer that we’ve yet to see wholly transpire in our society.”

Watch Wypipo below: