Christine and the Queens Puts in Work in S&M-Inspired '5 Dollars' Video: Watch

Christine and the Queens
Suffo Monclao

Christine and the Queens

French pop royalty Héloïse Letissier, better known as Christine and the Queens, dropped a new single “5 Dollars” on Thursday (Aug. 16), along with a video that further solidifies her place in the pantheon of queer pop goddesses.

“5 Dollars” is a working-for-the-weekend jam that saunters along to a slinky groove before propelling into a staccato piano-house chorus. “You’re eager and unashamed/ I don’t think the race is over, baby,” sighs Letissier.

"5 Dollars" follows the Dâm-Funk-featuring “Girlfriend” and the RuPaul-co-signed “Doesn’t Matter,” both of which -- as we’ve come to expect from the Parisian pop singer -- came pre-packaged with French equivalents. No word yet on a French version of "5 Dollars."

In the video, Letissier sets off on an otherwise-plain morning routine in a pristine, mid-century furnished home: a set of push-ups, a shower, some bedroom dancing, following what appears to be a night of S&M. She puts on a dapper three-piece Prince of Wales suit and heads out the door, suitcase in tow, but not before tucking something kinky underneath her business-professional garb.

Chris, the follow-up to Christine and the Queen’s 2015 debut, arrives Sept. 21.

Watch the "5 Dollars" video below: