Pride Profile: 10 Questions With 'Orange Is the New Black' Star Vicci Martinez

JoJo Whilden/Netflix
Vicci as Daddy in Orange Is The New Black.

Season six of Orange is the New Black -- which hit Netflix on July 27 -- introduced fans to a myriad of new characters, including pint-sized Daddy, played by The Voice alum Vicci Martinez.

“I’m gay, but I’ve always had a liking for women who aren’t gay, and Daddy does the same thing. We both have the ‘little-man syndrome,” the star explains to Billboard with a laugh. “At the end of the day, Daddy has a good heart and ultimately wants to make sure the people she cares about are taken care of.”

The character and her undeniable swagger catches the attention of ladies in and out of prison, but it wasn’t until the season’s final episode that Martinez met her off-camera girlfriend, co-star Emily Tarver, who plays Officer McCullough.

“When we were shooting the last episode, I just looked at her and it was love at first sight,” she explained. The two started dating after Martinez invited her costar to sing with her at a show. Tarver brushed her fingers through Martinez’ hair after the show and it was over: “I melted,” Martinez gushed. “And we’ve never spent a day apart since.”

The pair are now working on an untitled music project and most recently performed together at NYC’s iconic Stonewall Inn.

As we wait for the duo’s collaboration, we quizzed Martinez on everything from the TV show she’s binging (no, it’s not Orange) to her first celebrity crush.

Song I associate with coming out: I’m not even going to say “Come To My Window.” [long pause] Damnit, I’m going to have to give it to her: it’s “I’m The Only One” by Melissa Etheridge.

What color is my aura: I actually have an aura picture that I took. It’s yellow-orange. It means I have a lot of joy.

First album I bought: Sarah McLachlan’s Surfacing. I played it all day, every day for my whole teenage years.

Who would make me the most starstruck: Aww… He’s dead. It would have been Michael Jackson.

Most overused emoji: Black Santa.

First concert: Dave Matthews. It’s what made me want to have a band and play music for the rest of my life.

Favorite feature about myself: My hair. When I was on The Voice, I started dating the stylist and she used to work with Rihanna. She had advised Rihanna to do that haircut and she said if I did it, it would make my face look thinner and she was right, so I’m sticking to it!

Last TV show I binged: I haven’t binged Orange yet because Emily and I have just been fast-forwarding through to our parts. So it’s Evil Genius.

Lyrics I live by: It’s from Paul Simon’s “Slip Slidin’ Away.” The lyrics are “She said, 'A good day ain't got not rain'/ She said 'A bad day's when I lie in bed/ And I think of things that might have been'" It’s like, you know what? Go for it. Don’t have any regrets. If you’re in love with someone: tell them. When my dad passed away, there was so much shit he didn’t say to me -- to a lot of people. And it caused a lot of ruckus. I don’t want to be on my deathbed and think I could have fixed something if I spoke up.

First celebrity crush: Jenna Elfman. I used to come home and watch Dharma & Greg and I’d feel a weird, tingly feeling. I actually got to meet her on The Voice and I told her and we’ve been friends ever since.