Watch 'Pose' Star Mj Rodriguez Deliver an Impassioned Live Rendition of 'Home' From 'The Wiz'

MJ Rodriguez pose
Pari Dukovic/FX

MJ Rodriguez as Blanca in Pose. 

On Pose’s sixth episode, the groundbreaking “Love Is the Message,” audiences were not only treated to seeing the first episode of television ever produced, written and directed by a trans woman of color (Janet Mock); they also got to see a stunning performance of the song “Home” from The Wiz as sung by characters Blanca (played by Mj Rodriguez) and Pray Tell (played by Billy Porter) in the AIDS ward of a New York hospital.

Now, Rodriguez is showing off her own solo rendition of the song. In an episode of YouTuber Michael Korte’s new web series “One Take,” the Pose star sings a beautiful live rendition of “Home,” with only a guitar and piano accompanying her in the background.

This isn’t Rodriguez’s first time showing off her vocal talents. Along with performing the song on Pose with Porter, Rodriguez got to belt her heart out in the acclaimed indie film Saturday Church, along with contributing her stunning vocals to the off-Broadway revival of the smash hit musical Rent as Angel.

In an interview with W Magazine, director Janet Mock said that it was crucial for Rodriguez’s character Blanca to sing “Home” in the episode. “I really wanted Mj to sing that because that’s what she was doing, she was building a home in this brand-new world,” she said. “There’s such power in that song that I love so much and it makes so much sense in terms of Blanca’s journey.”

Watch Mj Rodriguez’s full acoustic performance of “Home” below: